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Melissa A. Hart

Melissa A. Hart
Phone: 412.355.2612

Ms. Hart works with businesses to identify and secure capital for growth oriented companies as well as troubled companies. Her sixteen years of public service have helped her foster longstanding relationships with state and federal officials and agencies. These contacts enable her to be especially helpful in identifying appropriate Federal or and State assistance for clients, or to navigate through difficult regulatory issues. She has also maintained her legal practice for most of the past 21 years, continuing to see the world through business clients' eyes. She also maintains her law practice as well as a government relations practice. Ms. Hart served three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives from January 2001 until January 2007. She is the first and only Republican woman in history to represent Pennsylvania at the federal level. While a member of the U.S. House, Hart served on the high profile House Ways and Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over taxes, trade, welfare programs, health issues and Social Security. She also served on the Financial Services, Judiciary, Science and Ethics committees. Prior to her service in Congress, Hart served as a Pennsylvania State Senator, where she chaired the Finance Committee. Her jurisdiction included taxes and tax credits, oversight of the State Department of Revenue and Treasury as well as public pensions and the lottery. She also served on the Judiciary, Banking and Insurance and Housing Committees. Ms. Hart has worked with elected officials, local, state and federal redevelopment agencies, corporate entities, and entrepreneurs to help jump-start numerous projects. She earned a Bachelor's degree from Washington and Jefferson College and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.