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Investment Criteria

In seeking investments with a strong potential for long-term growth for our investor network, Renaissance Partners seeks out companies that exhibit four major criteria:

  1. Viable Business Model: an idea that has potential for revenue generation, and is both scalable and commercial in its application
  2. Competitive Advantage: differentiated products or services that are not easily duplicated, providing a clear and sustainable advantage over the competition
  3. Strong Management Team: demonstrated success; experienced track record within targeted industry; entrepreneurial spirit
  4. Well Defined Exit Strategy: capabilities that are viewed as strategic by multiple potential acquirers with the potential for a public offering or strategic sale

Renaissance Partners encourages inquiries from any enterprise stakeholder, including the founders, patent-holders, management team members, potential investors and intermediaries. Initial review of prospects requires submission of an executive summary, which should include the following information:

  • Capital requirements
  • Historical and projected financial statements
  • Description of products and/or services
  • Strategic plan
  • Market overview
  • Senior management experience

Submit executive summary. If appropriate, and following initial due diligence, Renaissance Partners will indicate interest in proceeding with a more in depth review of your company's business plan via email within 10 days of receipt of your executive summary.

Prospects are reviewed internally by one of Renaissance Partners' capital markets professionals, who will notify the submitter of any additional information that is required to move forward in our analysis. Renaissance Partners is willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that any information exchanged between our companies remains confidential.