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Renaissance Partners encourages inquiries from any enterprise stakeholder, including the founders, patent-holders, management team members, potential investors and intermediaries.

Initial review of a prospect requires submission of an executive summary, which should include the following information: Capital requirements; Business strategy; Description of products and/or services; Market description; Historical and projected financial statements; and Senior management experience.

To submit your executive summary or business plan via the Renaissance Partners website, simply fill in the required fields below and click "Submit". Please use the open text box to introduce your idea in 200 words or less. Then, using the below link, submit your full executive summary and/or business plan to our firm.

A Renaissance Partners capital markets professional will respond via email to acknowledge delivery of your executive summary within 10 days of its receipt. If appropriate, and following initial due diligence, Renaissance Partners will contact you, indicating interest in proceeding with a more in depth review of your business. Thank you.