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MBO Management Buyouts

Since the Firm's inception in 1986 Renaissance Partners has extensive experience in assisting clients to successfully complete MBO's valued in excess of $6 billion.

Renaissance Partners offers a complete battery of services in consulting and investment banking backed up by the legal assistance needed to close transactions. Working on a turnkey basis, Renaissance will test, structure and complete a transaction; thus breaking the stalemate created by a difficult-to-divest operating unit.

Renaissance Partners' principals have structured and completed buyouts using the full range of leveraged financing tools-multi-tier debt structures involving senior, junior and mezzanine debt; debt with equity features like warrants; debt convertible into equity; and preferred stock convertible into other classes of preferred or common stock. Our seasoned cadre of professionals brings experience and proven teamwork to the task; gone is the time consuming job of assembling diverse talents with all of the attendant problems of miscommunication, conflict and delay.

For the parent company, our turnkey management-buyout program will often secure a price for a divested business unit that is higher than liquidation value, that avoids closure costs and that advances the corporate restructuring program. For the divested business unit, the MBO can inject a new dose of entrepreneurial vigor to turn a struggling business unit into a viable stand-alone company.

In the early stages of our work on behalf of the buyout program, Renaissance Partners free the parent company management from the burden of dividing their loyalties between the parent company and the buyout prospect. Later on, Renaissance Partners provides the independent guidance and expertise that managers of the divested unit need to make the transition from business-unit management to corporate leadership. For the local community and the regional economy, the program helps to reinvigorate longstanding corporate citizens, gain new ones, and avoid the bitterness and ill will engendered by loss of employment and shutdowns.