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Steel Industry Experts

We have unsurpassed experience working with companies, suppliers, governmental agencies and other constituencies whose businesses comprise the steel industry. Our representation of all sectors of the steel industry - from limestone and coal miners to metal distributors - brings a wealth of knowledge unparalled by others.

Members of our company have served as board members and executive officers of integrated steel companies and specialty metals manufacturers. Lee Keevican, Managing Director of Renaissance Partners, has forbearers through four generations who worked in the steel industry in Western Pennsylvania. Lee served as general counsel to Standard Steel (Freedom Forge Corporation) and American Alloys. Mike Weiss served as Secretary and General Counsel of Rouge Steel Company, L.B. Foster Company and MotivePower Industries, Inc. (formerly MK Rail Corporation).

Our labor consultants have participated in collective bargaining negotiations for Republic Steel, Wheeling Pittsburgh, Rouge Steel, Kaiser Aluminum, Daido, American Alloys, ISPAT and numerous smaller companies. The company's employee benefits consultants have frequently negotiated with the United Steelworkers regarding mergers of union pension plans as a means of reducing costs and staying in compliance with PBGC regulations.

Our history with the United Steelworkers of America is unique. From our historical role in the Wheeling-Pittsburgh reorganization to our current work to purchase and start-up recently shuttered steel businesses, we know the critical strategies, economic factors and more importantly, people who affect the industry.

Our ability to structure a financing plan so that it attracts the capital it deserves is a direct result of Renaissance Partners' involvement and reputation.